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A crucial part of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic diet - Cure your body with nutrition

One of the most important aspects of an Ayurveda cure is the ayurvedic diet. Based on the principle that every human being is made up of some combination of the three "Doshas" (life forces), nutrition plays a vital part in every Ayurveda cure. According to the teachings of Ayurveda, true health and wellbeing can only be attained when the Doshas are in harmony, and illness and disease are caused by an imbalance of Doshas.

An ayurvedic diet plays a vital role in bringing the Doshas back into balance. Named Vata (earth/air), Pitta (fire/water) and Kapha (earth/water), the Doshas are formed from a combination of elements and can be brought into balance through the consumption of the right foods for that Dosha type.

The quick, emotional, vivacious Vata types should  stick to low-fat dairy products, olive oil, wheat, nuts, cooked vegetables, spices and sweet heavy fruits to provide warmth and stability to balance out their light, flighty nature. For the efficient, determined Pitta types, dairy products, wheat, barley, rice, sweet fruits and cooling seasonings are highly recommended, whilst hot spices and sour, acidic fruits should be avoided, as they aggravate Pitta's fiery, argumentative side! Calm and steady Kaphas should stick to beans, ginger tea, honey, light fruits  and vegetables whilst avoiding dairy, nuts and carbohydrates.

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