Hotels in Galle

Though Galle in Sri Lanka is a modern city, its culture, art and architecture are reminiscent of its Dutch colonial past. A trip to the one of our beautiful resorts in Galle will be both mentally relaxing and culturally rewarding.

Relax your body and soul with an Ayurvedic spa experience. Enjoy an enriching tour of Galle's temples and pagodas and admire the area's natural beauty by sailing around the coastline. Choose from our stunning resorts in Galle here to round off your Sri Lankan experience.

Home to stunning coastlines and incredible scenery, Sir Lanka is  the perfect location for your tropical island holiday. With years of rich culture and history behind it, this island is a paradise for nature lovers and wellness enthusiasts.

Relax in the resort with a selection of amazing, rejuvenating Ayurveda treatments. Suitable for all types of traveller, the beautiful resorts in Galle are available to you through SpaDreams at a guaranteed best price. Book today!