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Known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, with its picturesque white beaches, exotic wildlife, world-renowned tea, tropical rainforests and charming people, Sri Lanka will invigorate your senses with a myriad of experiences unique to this paradisiacal island. 

Home to eight Unesco World Heritage Sites, as well as bustling markets, legendary temples and a long tradition of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka excites and enchants in equal measure. Whether you're searching for an authentic Ayurveda cure in a stunning setting, a whistle-stop tour of extraordinary ancient ruins, colonial fortresses and breathtaking palaces, or simple a relaxing break on the shores of a dazzling white beach, you can experience your dream holiday in Sri Lanka.  

Sri Lanka's rich and diverse culture is tightly entwined with the teachings of Ayurveda. Although Ayurveda originated in India, these practices quickly developed in Sri Lanka too, derived from the same Sanskrit texts. There is little difference between the ayurvedic teachings on the island of Sri Lanka and those of its larger neighbour India, however some of the herbs used vary from land to land. Unlike in India, where Ayurveda was repressed during the British Colonial Occupation, Sri Lanka has developed without interruption for more than two millennia.  This long tradition of Ayurveda means that these ancient teachings are ingrained into Sri Lankan culture, with ayurvedic techniques being passed down through generations. In 1980, the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine was established to regulate practitioners and ensure a high quality of Ayurveda across Sri Lanka.

With over 270 ayurvedic hospitals in Sri Lanka and undergraduate, postgraduate and MD degrees in Ayurveda being offered at the Institute of Indigenous Medicine, by 2012 the number of registered practitioners of Ayurveda had reached over 20,000. Combining an intense education with a tradition dating back over two millennia, Ayurveda practitioners in Sri Lanka are amongst the best in the world.  

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