Sri Lanka Einreise

Sri Lanka says "Hello again!"

Information around the border opening of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka opens its borders for tourists

Arrival into Sri Lanka is not possible until May 31st. 

Current covid situation in Sri Lanka

Due to the low number of covid cases, Sri Lanka is one of the few travel countries worldwide that is currently not listed as a risk area.

Sri Lanka's "safe travel" concept

The country's tourism authority has developed a "safe travel" concept to make your stay on the island as safe and relaxed as possible. With this, Sri Lanka now officially says "Hello again" and welcomes you back after the border opening.

Arrival into Sri Lanka is not possible from May 21st until May 31st. 

This concept includes the following points: 

  • Travelers must spend the first 14 days in a "Safe and secure level 1" hotel.
  • During this time you have full freedom of movement in your hotel and therefore no obligatory quarantine after arrival in your hotel room.
  • Excursions are possible on a limited basis, subject to compliance with the established protective measures.
  • During the stay, further PCR tests will take place in the hotel.

Tourist visa in times of Covid 19

Sri Lanka's entry requirements will be updated as they reopen. Once you have booked a hotel, you can apply for an ETA visa. The current entry regulations stipulate that in addition to the visa, you must also present a negative test result upon arrival at the airport. 

After the ETA visa, you purchase three additional PCR tests for $40 USD each prior to the start of your trip, which are then performed on-site at the hotel. Currently, the tests are paid on site at the hotel, once the app is programmed, payment is made through it. The hotels work together with appropriate laboratories, you do not need to worry about anything here. In addition, you also need a Covid 19 insurance for Sri Lanka (12 USD for one month), which takes effect in case of a positive test result during your stay. 

"Safe and Secure Level 1" hotels

These hotels have already been certified as "Safe and secure level 1" and are therefore open for international tourists:

For these hotels have been certified as "Safe and Secure Non-Level 1" and can be booked after the first 14 days:


Free rebooking and cancellation

We want you to be able to think about booking your next trip without worries. Therefore, we waive rebooking fees and guarantee free rebooking and cancellation up to 14 days before arrival. 

Your advantages at a glance: 

  • Free rebooking and cancellation up to 14 days prior to arrival
  • Free rebooking and cancellation up to 1 day before arrival in case of travel warning
  • SpaDreams waives any rebooking fees
  • Secured as a package tour with insolvency protection

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Please note that the listed terms are subject to change at any time. This page is updated regularly. However, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Please feel free to contact us.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the reopening of Sri Lanka

No. The "Safe and secure level 1" hotels form so-called bio bubbles, in which you can move freely during the first 14 days after entry, provided that your first PCR test after arrival at the hotel is negative. Under special security measures, excursions to attractions are then also possible during this time, as long as none of the further PCR tests are positive. In case of a positive test, you will be rebooked to another hotel area to allow isolation for the time being.

All visas must be applied for online via the ETA portal of the Immigration Department. In this application you have to enter the hotel address and the hotel code (Level 1 certification). Please note that applications are only finally processed when the respective hotels have in turn sent a confirmation to the authorities. This confirms that the up to three PCR tests as well as the insurance have been covered by the hotel in advance. You as a guest then pay the amount at check-in at the hotel. The cost is approximately USD 132.00 (3x USD 40 per test plus USD 12 for the insurance). As part of the confirmation process, the hotels require a copy of your ID and visa application number so that your booking can be matched to the visa application.

Yes, this costs USD 12 for one month and can be purchased before entering the country. Until the tourism app is available, you pay for the insurance immediately after arrival at the hotel.

Yes. After obtaining the visa, three PCR tests must be purchased and will be performed directly at the hotel during your stay. The first PCR test will be performed upon arrival at your hotel before check-in. The second PCR test will be performed 5-7 days later, and then the third will be performed during the second week of your stay if you stay longer than 14 days. The price for each PCR test is USD 40. You can purchase the tests in advance via an app or on-site at the hotel, depending on which hotel you are traveling to. As long as the app is not available, you pay for the test when you check in at the hotel.

No. Currently, no exceptions are made for travelers who have already been vaccinated. This means that every traveler has to fulfill the same requirements.

With the opening of the border, hotels in Sri Lanka are differentiated according to certain categories. Of all the "Safe & Secure" certified hotels, "level 1 hotels" are the accommodation service providers and accommodation providers that can only be booked by international tourists during the first 14 days of their vacation. Level 1 hotels cannot accept bookings from locals and are not allowed to hold events or banquets for locals. Employees are required to maintain a quarantine before interacting with guests.

You can start with your Ayurveda treatment after the first negative test result in the hotel (about 24 hours after arrival). The Ayurvedic treatments and also the Panachkarma treatment can be performed. There are small exceptions such as facial and nasal treatments, which are limited. Inquire directly with us and find out which services are currently available in your favorite hotel.

You can book different hotels. However, during the first 14 days you can only switch hotels if they are "safe & secure level 1" certified. After 14 days you can move to any other hotel, whether or not they are "safe & secure" level 1 or level 2 hotels. In case the new hotel also is a level 1 hotel, the same specifications apply as for the first 14 days of your visit.

Yes. After the first 14 days you can book a round trip or a stay at another hotel that has not been certified as level 1. You decide how long your stay will be in total. Please feel free to contact us.