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Kunnathur Mana Ayurveda ★★★★

Certified Ayurveda resort with tradition and experience

Certified Ayurveda resort with many years of experience and history

Packages and Programmes with Best Price Guarantee

Classic Ayurveda

from 7 nights, single room, full-board

Ayurveda- healing with ancient methods. This centuries old healting art aims are balancing the 3 life energies- Kapha, Vata and Pitta. Disharmony in the body, which leads to complaints and illnesses can be prevented. The holisitic approach of Ayurveda aims to return the body to inner balance through special massages and cleansing therapies, particular nutrition and spiritual Yoga practise. The cleansing programme prescribed by the educated Ayurveda doctors detox the body and stimulate the self-healing powers. Enemas, herbal brews and oil massages have an effect not only against stress, but also help to clean harmful substances from the body. Ancient Ayurvedic healing methods can be traced back over 2000 years.

Ideal as a preventative measure for wellbeing and for maintaining health, for strengthening the immune system and for treating the following complaints; high cholesteral, high blood presuure, stress, burn out, sleep disturbances, migraines, heart and circulation problems, skin diseases, obesity, diabetes, allergies, infections, arthritis, digestive problems and much more.

Main Focus Points:

  • Detoxification
  • Stress Reduction
  • Spine Health


  • From 7 nights/full board
  • Initial consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor to determine the constitution type and create a treatment and nutrition plan.
  • Around 1.5-2 hours of Ayurveda applications a day, depending on the prescription of the Ayurvedic doctor, such as Abhyanga oil massages, Shirodhara forehead oil flow, Pinda Sveda rice bag massage and herbal steam baths
  • Ayurvedic medicine if prescribed
  • Daily 1 hour Yoga & meditation
  • 1x 3hour Back waters boating tour
  • 2x bottle of water per room
  • Use of wet and dry saunas, swimming pool, and fitness center

More inclusive from 14 nights

  • 1x 3 day excursion (for example, visit of Guruvayoor Temple, Punnathurkotta elephant camp, cultural events)

Telephone booking code: 73IP1


Kunnathur Mana Ayurveda in detail

Your Ayurveda Resort

☀ In South-West Kerala lies an architecturally regional typical Ayurveda Resort, furnished based on the principles of Vaastu- the Indian science of architecture relating to the correct placement of foundations and buildings. Design and construction are guided by the natural laws of the 5 elements. The Keralan building style is a stark contrast to the predominant South Indian Dravidian architecture, with its lavish, almost Baroque character. The Kunnathur Mana Ayurveda Heritage Resort used the Vaastu building style too, which should influence the guests and also lead to a healthier, harmonious and happier life.

The Ayurveda Resort can look back on a history of over 130 years and was given the “Green Leaf Award” by the Keralan government as an official Ayurvedic hospital with authentic Ayurveda.

In the middle of the temple city of Guruvyoor the Kunnathur Mana offers the perfect place to experience relaxation and rejuvenation. The hotel doesn’t lie far from the Eliyangad Palace, the former seat of the Keralan Kochi Royal Family. The beach, 2.5km away, can be reached by foot. The journey to the international airport of Kochin takes around 90 minutes.

How You Reside

16 cosy double rooms (around 20km) with spacious balconies, offer a shower, toilet, high speed WiFi, TV, telephone, tea and coffee making facilities, 2 small bottles of water a day, daily English newspaper, minibar, air conditioning, safe and washing service. Single rooms are double rooms for single use. The reception is 24 hours.

Description of available rooms


Both Ayurvedic (determined by the Dosha type) and Indian food, as well as continental flavours are served in a cosy atmosphere. Vegetarian food and à la carte menus round off the offers. If desired, guests can dine in-room.

Ayurveda Centre

The hotel’s own Ayurveda centre is led by Srishti Ayurvedic Resort and consists of 2 treatment rooms, and a separate room for professional, medical consultations and examinations. The traditional Ayurvedic treatments are carried out by experienced therapists. In the Yoga Pavillon, educated Yoga experts and movement therapists teach.


A swimming pool and fitness centre care for your body’s physical activity. There is a Yoga hall for individual training (for a fee) and group classes. Excursions with the house boat are offered on request. An art boutique and souvenir shop invite guests to take a look. Visits to the surrounding area, including temples, palaces and elephant camps can be additionally booked if desired.

Additional information

FLIGHT to Cochin (COK), around 90km

TRANSFER from COK airport on request.

Special price from 28 nights on request.

Please note: When booking a stay with a focus on detoxification, the price per person increases by 3 EUR per night for 14-20 nights in the Maniyara room or with 14-27 nights in the Palliyara room.


Kunnathur Mana Ayurveda
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