Ayurveda in India

Ayurveda in India

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Ayurveda in India - Pure Bliss in an Oriental Setting

Ayurveda is becoming increasingly popular amongst people searching for effective alternative treatments. Our Ayurveda hotels in India combine ancient knowledge with modern luxury to provide the optimum Ayurveda experience.  

We offer Ayurveda and yoga holidays in India and Sri Lanka, where Ayurvedic knowledge originates from as well as Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

There is no better place for relaxation in an oriental paradise than an Ayurveda retreat in India. The resorts offering Ayurveda treatments focus on Dosha rehabilitation through authentic cosmetic treatments and individual diet plans supported by Ayurvedic supplements and yoga. Additionally, most offer specific programmes such as: Ayurvedic detox, Ayurveda for weight loss and Panchakarma.

Intensive Ayurveda

Many of our Ayurveda hotels in India offer stays exclusively for guests interested in undertaking Ayurvedic treatments such as Panchakarma (Ayurvedic detox). The recommended duration of such treatment is two-three weeks or more. The main aim of Panchakarma is to cleanse the body, however the treatment is very individual and each guest can discuss their objectives (e.g. burn-out prevention, mental balance, healthy digestive system) with an Ayurvedic doctor shortly after arrival. Intensive Ayurvedic treatments include full board, as the Ayurvedic diet is one of the most important parts of the therapy.

Kerala, known as the paradise of Ayurveda, blessed with a good climate, and an abundance of natural herbs makes it the best place to enjoy a rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapy session.

Some Ayurveda retreats in India will accommodate people who are only there to support another guest and do not wish to undertake a cure themselves, however there are a few Ayurveda retreats that do not accept guests who are not there to undertake an Ayurveda cure.

Ayurvedic Relaxation

Light Ayurveda is a great option for anybody who would like to try out Ayurvedic spa treatments such as massages and herbal baths. 'Relax with Ayurveda in India' offers the perfect opportunity to boost your mood and mental balance, as the exotic setting and indulgent treatments make you forget about hectic daily life. The culture of India has a unique flair and a relaxing Ayurvedic stay will allow you to spend time sightseeing and exploring. 

Ayurvedic Luxury

There in no need to compromise comfort for an authentic Ayurvedic cure in India. Ayurveda is an integral part of Indian culture and is present in the most luxurious resorts in India. Luxury Ayurveda hotels in India strive exclusivity in stunning and tranquil locations. A unique blend of peaceful atmosphere, Ayurvedic spa treatments and luxurious facilities make every luxury resort offered by SpaDreams the ultimate dream destination. 

Recommended for:
  • Yoga enthusiasts
  • Solo travellers
  • Couples
  • Adult groups of friends
Why India?
  • The cradle of Ayurveda
  • Unique culture
  • Authentic yoga masters
  • Local ingredients for Ayurvedic cosmetics
  • Original Indian Ayurvedic cuisine
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Good to know

The Weather in India

The monsoon season begins in the south west parts of India in late May or early June. In the rest of the country, it typically lasts from July to September (mid or late October in the northern parts). South India usually receives more rainfall than the north. 

During the monsoon season, the room prices in India usually decrease, as many tourists prefer to enjoy sunny weather. Nevertheless, it is said that the monsoon season is the ideal time to undertake an Ayurvedic cure as the air is clear and humid. This makes the detox more effective as the pores open easily, making it easier to get rid of toxins and absorb Ayurvedic oils, which are frequently used for spa treatments

Entry Requirements

It is very likely that you will need a visa to travel to India. As the entry requirements change from time to time, you should check accurate, up to date information (e.g at the British government website dedicated to foreign travel) before you go to India. 


The currency of India is Indian Rupee. 1 GBP equals approx. 9-10 INR. Tipping is expected. In a hotel it a good idea to look for a collection box for tips - otherwise hotel boys and other members of staff may expect a tip of 10 to 30 rupees. In a restaurant a 5-10% tip is sufficient if there is no service charge indicated in the bill. 

Time Management

If you fly from Europe to India it is likely that you will arrive at the hotel early in the morning, before check-in. It is advised to book an extra night, to avoid having to wait at the hotel lobby. A similar situation may occur if your return flight is late in the evening. 


Ayurveda is a millennia-old art of healing, which is suitable for various sicknesses and conditions. However, a long journey to India, in addition to jet lag and climate change, may have an adverse effect on your health. For this reason we do not recommend Ayurveda in this destination for our clients who suffer from severe health problems that may be worsened by the long journey.

Ayurveda in India is a great choice for those who are suffering from the effects of an unhealthy and hectic lifestyle, that has resulted in a psychical and physical imbalance. Before the journey you may want to consult a doctor to determine possible climate impact on health and to ask about malaria and hepatitis vaccines (if desired). 

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