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Vibrant colours, sensational spicy cuisine, dazzling mega cities and a rich cultural heritage: from the sun-streaked beaches of the South to the sparkling mountain peaks of the North, India's diverse and dramatic landscapes perfectly embody the vast variety of experiences this mystic land has to offer.  

India's colourful religious history permeates contemporary Indian culture, meaning that India hosts some of the world's most spectacular festivals and celebrations. As the birthplace of Ayurveda and home to elaborate architectural wonders, India will invigorate your senses and take you on a unique journey of self-discovery.   

Experience authentic Ayurveda in its motherland by taking a holiday in India. Regarded as a crucial discipline of Vedic tradition, Ayurveda has been traced back to around 3000BC, when the teachings of the Vedas were passed on in the oral tradition.

Following the spread of Buddhism (approximately 600 B.C.), these early ayurvedic teachings became far more popular and many ayurvedic colleges and hospitals were established in India, leading to the development of Ayurveda as it is known today. During the colonial rule of Britain, Ayurveda was vilified as regressive and primitive, and was repressed throughout India.

 After India became an independent nation in 1947, Ayurveda was restored to its former glory and granted status as a medical system. Today, over 180 colleges in India teach degrees in Ayurveda and Ayurveda retreats in India offer an exceptional standard of treatments to thousands of Western tourists every year.

Originating from the roots of ayurvedic teachings, yoga is just as large a part of India's culture and history as Ayurveda, and our yoga holidays in India offer a unique, immersive experience. Many of the yogis at our yoga retreats in India have been taught yoga from a very young age and are delighted to help guests immerse themselves in the philosophy and lifestyle of a yogi. 

India's picturesque beaches, warm climate and secluded coves make it one of the best destinations for the self-reflection and physical practice required to become a yoga master. With a vast number of yoga retreats on offer, whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned yoga enthusiast, we can help you find the perfect package. 

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